Boxing vs. MMA: The Battle for the New Generation of Combat Sports FansĀ 

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, includes using both hands and legs, whereas Boxing means fighting just by using your hands. This includes hook punches, uppercuts, or even jabs. With time, combat sports have fascinated viewers from all around the world. While both sports demand discipline, immense hard work, and well-planned moves to defeat the opponent, they also have distinguishing features.

Boxing vs. MMA have separate guidelines, game strategies, consequences, ring type, time limit, and, most importantly, the fan following. Boxing emphasizes punching the opponent and maintaining a defensive stance to avoid incoming hits. There is a strict policy against strategies such as kicking, locking, and takedowns of MMA in the case of boxing. Both sports have a square-shaped ring platform where the match occurs in multiple game rounds. 

In this article, we will discuss the various details of Boxing vs MMA. Keep reading to find out where their disparity lies.


Rules and guidelines

MMA gives the option of fighting with your entire body. It provides the players with techniques that involve wrestling with hands, legs, and elbows. They can bring down the opponent to the ground and continue to finish the round with as many strikes as they wish. There is no ten-second count, and only the referee can stop the fight if he sees that the submissive player does not react tactically to the rival's moves.

Punching, kicking, or hitting with knees on the head is against the game rules for all fighters. Poking each other's eyes is also strictly prohibited.

On the other hand, boxers are allowed to use their hands. All strategies should consist of punches only. Unlike MMA fighters, boxers cannot punch below the belt area and use elbows to hit or even strike in the head. They have a 10-second countdown rule if any one player falls. This additional time is meant for the knocked-down player to recover themselves. Unlike MMA, boxers do not strike a punch at this time. In some places, if a boxer is knocked down thrice, they cannot continue playing the game.

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MMA fighters are well-versed in an array of disciplines. Be it wrestling techniques or striking strategies. The knowledge of all this requires extensive training and rigorous practice to maintain the forms.  Since MMA fighters master a wide range of skills, they possess flexibility and originality. Striking a hit with the right force and in an appropriate form will give you the desired result.

In contrast, boxing mainly relies upon punching tactics. Players score based on how they throw a punch. You can defeat your opponent by committing enough time and working on your footwork, speed, and agility.


MMA players fight inside a steel cage-like ring. This would depend on who sponsored the game. The cages can be octagonal or square. Usually, the octagonal cage has a diameter of about thirty feet with a 6 feet high wall.

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On today’s date, boxers fight in a boxing ring which is a square-shaped platform with poles on each corner. The poles are joined with ropes to prevent the boxer from falling outside the ring. These ropes act like a barrier; they bounce back inside the ring whenever a player hits them. The dimensions of the ring are approximately sixteen to twenty feet above the platform.

Time limits and fighting rounds.

In the argument, boxing vs. MMA, different timings are set for each round.

For MMA, there are three 5-minute rounds and one 1-minute break. This rule applies to both genders, be they male or female. During a regular fighting match, the participants have a 15-minute action time allotted.

In boxing, professional players participate in around twelve 3-minute rounds with a 1-minute break between every round. Such matches give the boxers 36 minutes of action time.

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No matter how different these games are, one wrong move can cause a lifetime of damage. The major danger lies in head injuries. Even after strict prohibition, if a fighter gets hit on the head by chance, it can cause chronic traumatic conditions. To prevent such concussions, players wear headgear and padded gloves. However, these precautions are not enough, and there is always a concern for overall health and well-being in the future.

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MMA, instead, has more chances of injuries as there is no limit to the type of hit. Due to this, the possibilities of a fracture, dislocation of joints, and bone breaks are higher than in boxing.

Fan following 

Since Boxing has existed for many years, it has a special place in people's hearts worldwide. People have always acknowledged the timely hit of punches and strategies a fighter adopts to knock down the other. Some fighters have created legendary moments that charm and fascinate their audience. Individuals who prefer simplicity like this sport as it focuses on only punching instead of attacking from all sides.

On the other hand, with the MMA fan following increasing significantly, the sport has become equally popular. It tends to attract the youth because of its centricity towards diverse fighters. This generation enjoys the surprise elements along with unique fighting tactics.  


In a street fight, can a boxer beat an MMA fighter?

In the case of a street fight, all MMA fighters have an overall advantage as they can use both hands and legs. This makes it difficult for a boxer to win. However, a boxer can win in such scenarios if an MMA fighter loses concentration. 

Is MMA harder or Boxing?

Both sports require constant dedication and several skills. In many boxing vs. MMA reviews, people have mentioned that boxing is harder as the players need to master only one skill, punching.

What do people watch more: Boxing or MMA?

For the past 10 years, boxing has been the combat sport in demand. Out of 50 pay-per-views, 25 spots belong to boxing. Despite that, MMA has become equally popular as its fan base increases and boxing followers remain static.


Boxing vs. MMA: both are so different, yet similar regarding injuries. These games' aggressive and meticulous nature has drawn people from all over the globe.

Nevertheless, every sport has its own set of rules and guidelines, thrills, and disadvantages. The players' qualities and tactical thinking attract the audience toward the game and the athletes. In a world of dynamic combat sports, understanding the details of Boxing vs. MMA is meant just for personal interest and admiration. Our platform, CrackerStream, offers free online streaming if you wish to watch the matches live.

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